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Here at Edgewater Dental we believe the best thing our office can do for your smile is to help avoid future treatment needs.


General Dentists perform most procedures that are associated with coming to the dentist.


We offer multiple sedation options to help your experience at our office be as pleasant as possible.


Periodontal treatment is necessary when the foundation of your teeth are deteriorating.


Implants have a proven track record of success and are an ideal way to help restore your smile and replace a missing tooth.


Cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile to give you the confidence you need.



We opened our doors in June of 1998 with Dr. Keith Stucki DMD, MS and he is still here practicing today. In 2014 Dr. Stucki decided to further his education and pursue the TMJ and Sleep Apnea fields, he now uses this knowledge here at our office to educate patients who might be experiencing these issues while also practicing with The Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ.


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Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

Over time, teeth can tend to yellow due to thinning enamel or stains. What can be done to prevent or reverse the yellowing? Of course there are numerous whitening products available both professionally in office as well as home treatments, but there are also several natural remedies that you can try on your own that come with little to no cost to you. Read here to find out more about these options!

Fight off bacteria and build-up from dental retainers!

Have you ever had braces or clear aligners like Invisalign or Clear Correct? If so, you’re probably used to the fact that the trays can get full of bacteria and can even start to smell after a while! And with over 5 million people seeking orthodontic treatment each year, you can imagine that there are a lot of people experiencing the same problems! Well, the American Chemical Society thinks they have a solution to this problem. Read more here to learn about a special film they have developed to apply to dental retainers.

Foods to Prevent Cavities

Do you suffer from chronic cavities? Some people are more susceptible to getting cavities than others, mainly simply because of genetic makeup of our bodies and how we react to bacteria introduced to our mouths. If you’re one of those individuals, maybe you can consider altering your diet a little to introduce more foods that can help prevent cavities from forming. Check out this article to learn which kinds of foods you should consider introducing to your diet!

Water Fluoridation: Does it work?

Fluoridation in water has been a hot topic over the years. Numerous studies have been done over the decades to determine the effect that fluoridating water has on the dental health of the general population. A conclusion to a recent ongoing study was just completed last month. Read here about it to learn what they were able to determine!

Technology Driven Dentistry

The world is rapidly evolving around the use of digital technology, and that’s no exception in the dental industry. Dental schools have made significant progress as of late in developing new curriculum that embraces these changes and allows new graduates to enter the dental field well prepared for the future. Read about some of the latest changes here.

Staying current with industry best practices is important for us here at Edgewater Dental. We strive to stay current with the latest in dental technology to provide top notch care to our patients!

Does your tongue bleed?

A number of conditions can cause the tongue to bleed. These can range from eating sharp food, to injuries from braces, to even radiation treatment for cancer. Although most of these are not very serious causes, some can be, so it may be worth learning more about why a tongue might bleed! Click here to read the article.

What Can Dentists Discover By Looking In Your Mouth?

What can dentists learn about your health by looking in your mouth? Most of us are familiar with the fact that we can’t hide whether or not we floss on a regular basis when our dentist looks inside our mouth…But what other factors about our overall health can be uncovered by the health of our mouth? It may surprise you, but dentists can tell if you have various conditions ranging from gerd to HIV. Check out this article here to learn about 9 things your dentist can tell about your health by looking in your mouth.

Does Moving Teeth Change A Person’s Face?

We’re always looking for interesting blog content that might interest our patients, and we think you may find this interesting! Can moving teeth actually change someone’s facial aesthetics? If you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or a family member, you should consider reading this blog before having a consultation with your orthodontist. Tooth movement should always enhance facial beauty, and never compromise it. Your orthodontist should know exactly what effect any tooth movement will have on facial beauty, your TMJ health, your airway, etc. We think you’ll find this blog interesting!

Happy Holiday Special

We here at Edgewater Dental wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season!!

To help start your 2018 year off right we are offering a $250 dollar savings off NEW clear correct cases. This is a great opportunity if you have ever considered braces in the past. Clear correct offers a new smile without the brackets of typical braces. These clear retainer trays are designed to move your teeth over time with each new tray. Treatment can last from 9 to 18 months depending on severity.


For this special we are also offering a FREE Consultation to see if Clear Correct is right for you.

Please contact our office to schedule your consultation today. This offer is only good for new cases started from December 25, 2017 through January 31, 2018 so don’t wait.

Our office will also check to see if your insurance will help cover some of the cost of your treatment.

Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Edgewater Dental

Time is Running Out for 2017

Used from Grove Dental Group


As we approach 2018 we wanted to take a moment and remind you all to USE YOUR BENEFITS!! I know that seems extreme to be shouting that, but really, you PAID for them USE THEM. I know that life gets busy and that almost everything seems more important than the health of your smile, but, I promise that if you take this time to come in and care for yourself now it will save you so much time and money later. Dr. Stucki and our staff know that your time is precious so we will do our very best to get you in and out at a time that will work with your schedule. So, if you have been putting off your cleaning or treatment that you know needs to be done please call me today, or you can simply scroll up and request and apt and I will call you.

Thanksgiving Whitening Special

As a Thank you for being a wonderful patient here at Edgewater Dental. We are offering $75 dollar custom whitening trays from now until December 1st. You can call or come by to reserve your gift card and either give the gift of a white smile or keep it for yourself. These certificates are valid from the December 1st through March 1st. Plenty of time to use them.

Thank you for being a patient and Happy Thanksgiving!!